When it comes to hip-hop, the self-proclaimed King of the South is already grooming his son to be the Prince of the South. T.I.'s son Domani wants to follow in his daddy's footsteps and become a rapper. While on the set of Young Jeezy's video shoot for 'F.A.M.E.,' Tip introduced his newest protege Domani, aka D-Money.

The rap tyke has been honing skills while on tour with his sister's tween group OMG Girlz and feels he ready to rock the mic. “I wanna be a rapper because, I want everybody to know my songs," he tells MTV News.

To prove how nimble he is on the mic, D-Money was given the opportunity to show how he can flow to MTV. "Green Louie backpack / That's where I keep my stacks at / Iced-style G-Shock / That's what you need to glance at / Waka Flocka Flame / I go hard in the paint / I go so hard in the paint / That it will make these people faint," he rapped.

After spitting his freestyle, D-Money gave a salute and ended the session like a true veteran rhyme-spitter. “Goodnight America," he said.

Like father, like son.

Watch T.I.'s Son Domani (aka D-Money) Show His Skills