T.I. and B.o.B team up on 'We Don't Get Down Like Y'all,' an unreleased song that surfaced online this week, even as T.I. remains behind bars.

The song was most likely recorded in 2010, between when B.o.B first hit the scene in February with 'Nothin' on You' and when T.I. went back to jail in November.

B.o.B usually recruits singers to provide his own hooks, but here the tables are turned, as he sings the chorus and doesn't actually get to rap. Over a cinematic backing beat accentuated with chimes and gongs, T.I. verbally assaults an unnamed group of people:

"Been the best since I was rapping in the rattle, word travels / As you comment on the rumors or what have you, beware dude / Prayer can’t prepare you, how dare you? / Disrespect my presence peasants, I will tear you / A new one, I poop on your egos and move on."

Among those who T.I. and B.o.B don't get down like are guys with different fashion taste: "Them hot pants bad for your prostate / Lime green, hot pink, a drag queen hot date / At stores asking for the same size the bitches buy / They say it's hip, but where I’m from we call it sissified."

The music itself is engaging, but we're not sure about the rhymes. The boasts are pretty weak, and if attacking dudes who wear tight pants is the best T.I. could come up with, he may need to do some rewriting before giving this song an official release.

Listen to T.I., 'We Don't Get Down Like Y'all' Feat. B.o.B