If you thought the all-nighter described in T. Mills' 'All I Wanna Do' sounds crazy, just wait until you hear about his music video shoot!

"That turned into a real, real thing really fast," the rapper says with a laugh in the video above.

When T. Mills stopped by the PopCrush studio, he was in middle of touring and really, really pumped about his tour bus. Some perks? Oh, just a recording studio and a master bedroom tricked out with candles and pillows. "And I have a stove!" he added enthusiastically, since he loves to cook.

Of course, there's more to T. Mills than his fun-loving side. He tells us that his 'All I Wanna Do' EP shows different sides of him, since he never wants to repeat himself or write the same song twice.

There is one song he hasn't released that he can't wait for fans to hear. He gave us a teaser, and all we can say is that it sounds epic. Wanna know more? Check out the video above!