Rapper-turned-singer T-Pain is out at the club and his girlfriend is patiently waiting for him at the crib in his new video for his latest single, '5 O' Clock' (featuring Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen). The track is the first single from the hit-maker's upcoming album 'rEVOLVer.' Filmed in Amsterdam by director Erik White, the video showcases the beautiful nightlife of the European city.

In the clip, T-Pizzle is having some fun in the club until he gets a text from his girlfriend who wants him to be home by 5AM. Of course, he has lost track of time so he's hurrying home so he can give his girl some good lovin'. As he travels back home, T-Pain takes us through the city's infamous Red Light District and along the way, bumps into Wizzy.

The clip doesn't feature Lily Allen because she is expecting a baby. In her place, is a lovely brunette lip-syncing the British songbird's lyrics, which is sampled from her 2009 song 'Who'd Have Known.' Another interesting thing we spotted in the video was what appeared to be an invisible iPhone that T-Pain was holding in his hand. It was probably only a prop, but if that's what Apple is gearing up these days, than we are buying.

T-Pain's '5 O' Clock' video is cool and we enjoyed the visuals, especially the imaginary iPhone.

Watch the T-Pain '5 O'Clock' Video Feat Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen