Auto-Tune king T-Pain re-teams with Lil Wayne again for this trunk rattler 'Bang Bang Pow Pow.' The T-Minus-produced song serves as the opening salvo on T-Pain's fourth LP 'rEVOLVEr,' which shoots into stores on Dec. 6. Although it's not as pop-oriented as their Grammy-nominated tune 'I Can't Believe It,' it still bangs harder than a screen door in a hurricane.

Over a head-pounding beat and stirring violins, T-Pizzle and Weezy rap ignorant lyrics about blowing money, bagging girls and laughing at broke haters. T-Pain crudely flaunts his wealth in our faces. "I get that money, that money / I live it, I want it / Drop the top on that Ferrari / Now I’m in California / I let the hard top down and the wind blow through / All I do is win, what the f--- you gonna do?," he spits.

Wayne has a couple of quippy lines on the track as he pokes fun at the haters. He raps, "I go bonkers boy / I put that on my mom and 'em / These hoes are all alike, they put the ho in (ad) hominem."

'Bang Bang Pow Pow' might not sit well with folks who are struggling in this harsh economy. T-Pain's constant bragging about money will certainly wear on you after repeat listens. As an instrumental, though, this is a definite club banger.

If you are looking for a song to make your speakers throb, then look no further than this T-Pain joint.

Listen to T-Pain, 'Bang Bang Pow Pow' Feat. Lil Wayne