While implementing Auto-Tune has worked in T-Pain's favor, it has also caused the rapper to come under ridicule for digitally altering his vocals (even though he has proved he can still sing wonderfully without it). Jay-Z fired off Auto-Tune insults in his song 'D.O.A.,' and other artists have dissed it in the past.

Despite this, T-Pain is still a proponent of Auto-Tune, and he's even suggesting that Eminem start utilizing the music tool in his songs! Say what?!

In a recent interview MTV Buzzworthy, T-Pizzle said, "I think Eminem should use Auto-Tune ... 'cause he's doing a lot of singing now. He should try it at least once." Eminem has showed off his singing chops on tracks like 'Not Afraid' and 'Mockingbird,' but his rap verses are always the mainstay of his songs. So is T-Pain dissing Em's singing voice, or is he simply suggesting Auto-Tune so that Em can enhance his vocals?

Whether T-Pain meant the comment to be a purely constructive suggestion or a jab at Em, we have a hunch that the Detroit rapper wouldn't be too keen on using Auto-Tune on an upcoming track. Sure, it works well for T-Pain, but can you even imagine what Eminem would sound like with Auto-Tune? We kinda like the hard edge Em keeps during his singing portions, and Auto-Tune might lessen this quality. Maybe Em can pick up one of those toy Auto-Tune mics T-Pain released to test the waters first.

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