T-Pain has some things to say in the video for 'Let Me Talk.' Mostly, he wants you to know that he's the king of the junkyard.

The video opens with 15 seconds of silence, beginning with a visual promo for T-Pain's new album, 'Revolver,' and a stack of old television sets. Scattered throughout the video are shots of the singer wearing a purple "Can't Stop the Kicks" t-shirt and dancing around in front of the tvs.

The Auto-Tune champion cruises through a junkyard as scantily clad ladies emerge from behind the wreckage. The girls end up dancing suggestively as he sings about going "a hundred miles an hour" and "leavin' all them haters in the smoke behind me."

T-Pain sings and the girls dance - and that's pretty much the entire plot of the video, although he does manage to show off his sense of humor by including shots of plastic chattering teeth toys, just in case the "talking" theme wasn't coming through clear enough. It wouldn't be a real T-Pain video without the funny stuff. This is the guy who joined the Lonely Island for 'I'm On a Boat,' remember.

Watch the T-Pain 'Let Me Talk' Video