After more than a year of promotional work, T-Pain has finally released to cover art for his upcoming album 'RevolveR.'

On the 'RevolveR' artwork, five different versions of T-Pain are pictured. All five T-Pains are seen wearing steampunk-inspired gear mixed with hip-hop flair. The R's are also slightly faded in the album lettering, highlighting the word 'evolve.' T-Pain seems to be doing just that, especially since the rapper said that the signature Auto-Tune style he is so well known for will be less prevalent on upcoming releases.

T-Pain tweeted the album cover (via HipHop DX) and also explained that the album is almost 100% finished minus a verse from Canadian rapper Drake. T-Pain wrote, "I know yall waitin on the album but the last thing I need is a verse from drake and the album is complete. So find drake and tell him to hurry the hell up and finish the verse Hahahahaaaa #twitterbomb." He continued, "By the way the song with drake on it is the next sigle as well so that's why I haven't dropped a new single yet. Jus lettin you know."

It's been rumored that the singer/rapper has already released quite a few songs off of the album. The most recent single is the Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa featured track '5 O'Clock,' and others include 'Take Your Shirt Off,' 'Reverse Cowgirl' and 'Booty Wurk (One Cheek at a Time),' but it hasn't been confirmed that these songs will appear on 'RevolveR.'

'RevolveR' is set to impact on Dec. 6.