T-Pain had a successful chart-topping run using Auto-Tune, that magical technology that artists used to disguise their off-key pitches and other vocal mistakes. The Florida rapper-crooner has become so synonymous with Auto-Tune that he teamed up with Antares Technologies, the audio company that makes the popular software program, to endorse their products.

Now he is suing Antares claiming that the company is still using his image in marketing and advertisement campaigns without his permission.

Since ending his business partnership with Antares in June, T-Pain has formed his own company with Izotope and is launching a new line of audio effects called "The T-Pain Effect." In addition, he's developing a new technology called the "I Am T-Pain" microphone. So, according to the lawsuit filed in California, T-Pain wants Antares to stop licensing his name and image because it could possibly confused customers and damage his own product sales.

T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Najm, is seeking at least $1 million in damages, an account of all sales related to Antares' infringing products, plus an injunction that would prohibit the audio company from using his likeness or voice with their Auto-Tune products.

Good luck with your lawsuit, T-Pizzle. We'll buy you a drank if you win the case.

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