Alicia Keys vs. Ashanti – Who Wore It Best?
Alicia Keys looks absolutely stunning in this Stella McCartney dress, but do you think this 'Girl on Fire' in green wore the dress better than 'The Woman You Love,' aka Ashanti?
This fashion battle between the two beautiful R&B divas is a bit hard to decide upon, since bot…
Most Anticipated Album Release for June 2013 – Readers Poll
June 2013 is going to be a great month for new music. Music lovers will receive a dose of pure pop from groups like Big Time Rush and Hanson, a fresh batch of R&B jams courtesy of Kelly Rowland and Ashanti, a bit of jazzy crooning from 'Glee' star Matthew Morrison, some new hip-hop tracks from M…
Ashanti, ‘Never Should Have’ – Song Review
Ashanti is nursing a broken heart on her first single in what feels like forever -- and by forever we mean "since 2008." 'Never Should Have' is a midtempo ballad that showcases the N.J. native's vocals more than much of her prior material, and it's quite an impr…
Ashanti vs. Kelly Rowland – Who Wore It Best?
This adorable pink dress seems to be a popular pick! Both Ashanti and Kelly Rowland were seen out and about wearing this fuchsia Notte by Marchesa dress with a beautiful ruffle embellishment down the body. Both singers look very pretty in pink, but the big question is: Which star wore it best?

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