Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel got his start on radio before catching his big break in 1997 as the host of the Comedy Central game show, <i>Win Ben Stein’s Money.</i> His stint on the show opened the doors for his other Comedy Central endeavors, <i>The Man Show</i> and <i>Crank Yankers.</i> In 2003, Kimmel parted ways with <i>The Man Show</i> to become the host of the late-night show, <i>Jimmy Kimmel Live!</i>, on ABC. His dry sense of humor and sharp bits -- from his recurring “My apologies to Matt Damon” joke to the beloved “Mean Tweets” segment -- has led Kimmel to become a favorite on the late-night circuit. His work on <i>Jimmy Kimmel Live!</i> earned the host a string of Emmy Award nominations -- he even went on to host the Emmys themselves in 2012.

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