John Mayer

Katy Perry + John Mayer Engagement ‘Inevitable’
Even though Katy Perry's first marriage ended in divorce after only 14 months, the singer's relationship with reformed Lothario John Mayer is going so well (despite that hiccup this past spring), that sources say it's pretty certain that they will get engaged.
Did John Mayer Propose to Katy Perry Already?
We all knew Katy Perry and John Mayer were getting serious -- but who knew they were getting serious so fast? Sources say that John Mayer have already popped the question to Perry ... and he didn't get the response he'd hoped for.
John Mayer, ‘Paradise Valley’ – Album Review
John Mayer’s ‘Paradise Valley’ is named for a part of Montana not far from where the singer has a home. The title is not a reference to the music itself, because Mayer doesn’t sound like he’s having much fun on many of these 11 tr…

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