Lily Allen

Lily Allen – Third Nipple
Like Harry Styles, Lily Allen also has an extra nipple -- and she is quite proud of the body oddity, even lifting up her shirt on camera and flashing it to a reporter.
Pink, ‘True Love’ Feat. Lily Allen – Song Review
'The Truth About Love' by Pink is proving to be a full-fledged hit machine, and there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. Leading off with the feisty, "typical Pink" track 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' before easing into the emotional, softer tones of 'Try' and 'Just Give Me a Reason,' the …
Lily Allen Sparks Twitter Controversy Over Abortion Stance
Lily Allen does not censor herself on Twitter, a fact she's proud of, as evidenced by her Twitter profile description, "I can babble a little." So it's unsurprising that she had no qualms about posting her thoughts on abortion. Expressing those views yesterday on the soci…

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