Will.i.am to Launch Talent Show for ‘Wizards’
Will.i.am is straying from the typical reality show formula that we've come to know, love, and eventually tire of. Instead of using his talents to create a singing or music-based competition show, he's planning to develop a technology-based competition show where geniuses will come to comp…
Will.i.am + Cheryl Cole in Car Accident
What is it with will.i.am, beautiful pop stars who are big in the U.K. and cars lately? His limited edition, custom ride, in which he squired Nicole Scherzinger, was stolen after he valeted it at an L.A. nightclub a few weeks ago. Now, early this morning (Aug. 30), at around 3:30, will and Cheryl Co…
will.i.am, ‘Reach for the Stars’ – Song Review
will.i.am premiered his new single 'Reach for the Stars' from 'willpower' in the most publicity stunt of ways -- by broadcasting it on Mars via the NASA Curiosity Rover. Clever and conversation starting? Yes! But how does the song stand up? Will martians and earthlings love it?

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