We'll admit it -- we were kind of hoping that the nearly naked selfie would fade away in 2015, but it looks like that's not the case.

Former 'American Pie' actress Tara Reid bared all in a new photo posted to her Instagram and the result has fans buzzing. In the image, Tara is reclined in a hammock and beaming at the camera. In keeping with the site's nudity policy, she's covering just enough to stay modest. She captioned the image "Happy New Year."

That's not the only photo where Tara is flaunting her body. The actress' Instagram account is filled with pictures of her posing in a bikini on a beach. There's even some images of her glamorously swimming underwater like a mermaid and lounging in what appears to be a cave. You know, normal aquatic activities.

Do you think Tara went too far with her nearly naked selfie? Click here to see the NSFW photo.

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