Target's 'My Kind of Holiday Pt. 1' commercial is the ultimate mashup!

Sue Heck from 'The Middle' tries to make a homemade apple pie, but she fails miserably.

Nerdy, optimistic Sue still gifts her baked treat to the Angles baseball team from 'Back in the Game,' a fellow ABC sitcom, and they realize while the pie doesn't look pretty and the lattice is cracked, it's really the thought that counts. The retro soundtrack to her baking exploits is the aptly named 'Marshmallow World' by Darlene Love.

This version of the song, originally penned in 1949, came roaring from the 1960s (1963, actually) and furthers the notion that the holidays are timeless, and that's why such a classic-sounding song fits.

In this digital day and age, baking is sort of an old-fashioned endeavor, and that's also why the song is appropriate. Plus, it has those jingly sleigh bells, which always get you in the mood and elevate the holiday spirit!