Remember the faux Russian lesbian duo t.A.T.u.? They appeared on the pop culture radar in the '00s and garnered considerable fame in Europe before attaining a measure of success in the U.S., but eventually broke up this year.

Well, one half of the pair is popping up in the spotlight again. Singer Lena Katina recently performed a jangly and likable live cover of Romanian artist Alexandra Stand's million-selling 'Mr. Saxobeat,' which went on to become an international hit.

 The full-band approach to this song is both unique and compelling. Oh No They Didn't pointed out that Katina bungled the lyrics a bit, but that's a small infraction that we can forgive her for. We're not sure if we can be so lenient about the rest of the clip, though.

Outside of the introductory ad-libbing, Katina's vocals are painfully flat -- much unlike her prominently featured chest. While she plays the keyboard and sings, her orange bra is partially exposed, matching her fiery lipstick and hair. Trying to compensate for your tone, Ms. Katina?

If anything, this video certainly exposes us to a rippling current of pop music in Europe. Hopefully the rest of it is a little better than this.

Watch Lena Katina Cover 'Mr. Saxobeat'