Singer-songwriter Taylor Berrett is known for his covers and his originals. 'Anchor Chasing' is one of his quality originals, and finds Berrett playing guitar, on a beach and hanging out with a pretty blonde. He has the life, doesn't he? The beach is always a good setting for romance paired with acoustically strummed indie rock, and Berrett makes use of his surroundings. The striped sweater that Berrett wears also adds to the nautical nature of this video.

Notice, there's a rope tied to the headstock of the guitar as he plays this sweet and gentle song. The rope leads him back to the lovely blonde, whom he engulfs in a romantic hug at the end of the song. Can we get an "Awwww?"

However, the ending leaves us wondering if it was all just a dream for Berrett. We like the open-to-interpretation final sequence.

Berrett was unearthed by SRP, the same production team that discovered Rihanna, so expect to see and hear more from him in the future.

Watch the Taylor Berrett 'Anchor Chasing' Video