Taylor Swift has always had a close relationship with her fans, and she kept it going with a behind-the-scenes look at her Diet Coke commercial.

Swift will front Diet Coke's Stay Extraordinary campaign as well as star in a commercial for the brand. The TV spot, called 'Music That Moves,' will feature her new single, '22.' The commercial, from what we've observed, features Swift focusing on songwriting -- and looking adorable in a variety of outfits.

Speaking of '22,' Swift also notes that she likes acting like whatever age she is -- she's in no rush to grow up!

Diet Coke will play a big sponsorship role in her Red tour with pal (and possibly more) Ed Sheeran, and Swift says her fans will be kept on their toes.

"I think one of my favorite things about the Red tour is that one of the main focuses I had was incorporating the element of surprise, and incorporating the unexpected," Swift gushed. "I really like to think that a good concert can be like a good book; it can take you away, it can take you to a different place and help you escape, and I think that's the main goal for me -- helping the fans to escape, if only just for one night."

Swift explains that Diet Coke is a natural fit for her -- like Papa John's, Keds, Cover Girl and every other brand who needs a squeaky clean, well paid, white bred spokesmodel. "If you would ask all my friends and probably most of my fans what would make the most sense -- what is Taylor obsessed with as far as a product to partner with and a company to partner with? -- they would say Diet Coke, because it's a big part of my life," Swift giggled. "I'm a big Diet Coke fan. … It's really a good thing."