Whenever there's a slight lull in the world of Taylor Swift news, it's typically cut short by her inability to stop breaking records and hit milestones most artists could only dream of. This time, '1989' returned to the top of the Billboard 200 chart for its tenth non-consecutive week. In short? Taylor is only the second woman in history to see more than one album reach the number one spot for ten weeks. (Her album 'Fearless' was number one for eleven weeks.) In a world where downloading music illegally and for free seems to be the norm, selling that many copies of '1989' months after its debut is a feat that seems to be reserved only for, well, Taylor Swift.

The other female artist to earn more than one number one album for ten weeks? None other than the legendary Whitney Houston, who saw three of her albums hit the top spot for over ten weeks. In other words, Taylor is in excellent company.

Once Taylor found out about the news, she tweeted out her thanks to her fans. You can check out that tweet below:

Congratulations, Taylor! May '1989' continue to break records, years down the line. We're sure it will.

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