Taylor Swift took home the 2012 ACM Entertainer of the Year award last night (April 1) at the ACM Awards. It was easily the biggest award of the night, and it was voted by fans, so it's quiet a big deal for Swift -- who is going to need to add a wing onto her home to house all of her awards, since she collects them with such regularity. The singer was the youngest nominee, standing tall among some of the biggest names and veterans of her genre.

A vision in a long, white, column-like dress, Swift looked happy and a wee bit surprised when her name was called, since that's her thing. She always seems surprised when her name is called, and she expresses the shock accordingly. It's cute.

The singer thanked her fans and shouted out her fellow nominees, telling them how much she loves and respects them.

She also took a moment to speak about her intended date, Kevin McGuire, the cancer-stricken New Jersey teen who was supposed to accompany her to the ACM ceremony in Las Vegas after he had asked her to prom. Sadly, he had to cancel because he was admitted to the hospital with a fever over the weekend.

Swift sent a shoutout to McGuire and his family, which just as classy as her decision to invite him to be her date.

That Taylor Swift has a heart of gold. No wonder she won the 2012 ACM Entertainer of the Year Award.