Taylor Swift welcomed in 2013 with an upbeat performance of 'Red' hits 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' which she delivered in the freezing cold New York City Square air.

America's sweetheart and the pop-country crossover queen seemed to be battling some throat issues during her performance, with some fans speculating that she may have been under the weather. The fact that she was performing in arid, bitter cold air could have contributed to any issues she was having, but she was a complete and total pro, entertaining fans even if her vocals were not flawless. Who cares -- it was New Year's Eve. Fun supercedes perfection.

Wearing skintight black leather pants, a sparkly red top, glittery eye shadow, black nail polish and sleek, straight hair, it was a tougher, sexier version of Swift. Perhaps she wanted to look extra hot for her boyfriend, One Direction's Harry Styles, who reportedly flew in from England to spend the holiday with her after a mini airport snafu where he had to take a later flight since he forgot his passport. D'oh!

It may have been freezing, but T. Swizzle looked hotter than a furnace as she closed out the last few minutes of one of her most successful years in fashionable and fun style.

She opened with a sassy version of 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' even dropping to her knees to blast through the bridge, literally making the point that "lying on the cold hard ground" is no fun.

She then launched into 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' a song she won't be singing to Hazza, of course, since those two seem sooooo in love. It was one of the biggest and most definitive songs of 2012, so it was the perfect way for her to end her performance. We love how she made eye contact with the camera, looking all devilish at the end of the song.

Happy New Year, T. Swizzle fans and PopCrushers!