Swifties will be happy to hear that their idol is not only equipped to release one new album, but that she actually has enough material to put two new records on the shelves. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Taylor Swift, who told them that by next holiday season, we should expect to hear at least an album's worth of new music.

"I've written 25 songs so far, so it's coming along really well," Swift spilled to THR.

It's been a year since the release of her 'Speak Now' album, which dropped in October 2010, and according to the singer, she's right on track for the next release. "I've been writing a lot, and I like to take two years to make a record. We're at the end of year one, and I still have a year left to go write."

If we know what to expect from Swift -- and we think we do -- it's another bundle of songs that will inevitably become No. 1 singles once they begin to get airplay. 'Speak Now' produced more than a handful of hits, including 'Mean,' 'The Story of Us' and 'Back to December,' among others.

But what's most important is that the 21-year-old pop/country songstress creates material that feels right to her. Thus far, she's on the right track. Of the new album, Swift admitted,"It's looking really great."