Continuing on her Australian promotional tour for 'Red,' Taylor Swift stopped by the 'Fifi and Jules' show to perform her latest pop single, 'I Knew You Were Trouble' -- with a twist.

Swift's song about a bad boy (widely presumed to be John Mayer) was her poppiest ditty to date, even utilizing dub step elements to effectively abandon her country roots. However, her acoustic rendition on the Down Under radio show reminds the audience of where she came from -- and that she still has some of that Nashville in her.

Swifty sported a brown floral sleeveless dress (it's late spring in the southern hemisphere!) and a more natural makeup look than we've seen her in lately. We almost didn't recognize her without smoky eyes or red lips! She looked her age, which, at 22, is something you want to do.

The song was equally as stripped of studio magic and tricks as her look was, and it sounded better vocally this way. Swift seems to shine live when it's just her and an acoustic guitar. She may have to work harder to sing, but she seems to not try as hard. The singer's choreographed, often theatrical live performances often seem a little bit forced and awkward, and it seems like she's still trying to master the simultaneous "singing and dancing" thing. (Not everyone can be Beyonce!)

Her 'Fifi and Jules' show was a refreshing break from her other Aussie performance of the track, in which she was often barely audible over her band. Taylor, do this more often!