Ever since Taylor Swift dropped her epic 'Blank Space' video yesterday (Nov. 10), we haven't stopped obsessing about it. So of course we couldn't wait to hear all of the behind-the-scenes details -- and the announcement of T. Swift's interactive app!

"The song 'Blank Space' is a song I wrote a little bit from a comedic perspective. I try to stay self-aware about who I actually am and also pretty aware of what the media's depiction of me is, and so I've seen all of the different rumors that have come and gone," Taylor explained about the making of the tongue-in-cheek tune. "... Over the years, it's developed into this reputation of being this crazy, serial dater [and] this needy, clingy, manipulative person. … What if I was that girl? What song would I write? And so I wrote 'Blank Space.'"

And we're so glad that she did -- especially because she teamed up with American Express to create a seriously kickass interactive app that goes along with the video.

"We created this 360 degree experience for fans … You essentially get to play around this storyland and explore the mansion [in the video]," Taylor revealed on 'Good Morning America.' "There are all of these hidden little clues. If you click on doorways you go into the next room. If you go to a clock, you can unlock little messages and clues. … You can see us acting out these scenes depending on what room you're in or what part of the song." Best of all? The app is free!

"It's really fun to actually have fans that care about videos, story lines and lyrics," Taylor said. "And the fact that they're so engaged makes me want to create cool little things for them like this."

To learn more about the app and even see it in action, check out the videos below.

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