Taylor Swift is a hopeless romantic. The singer recently assisted WYCD's Jason 'The 300 Lb. Cowboy' as he made a surprise marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend Kelli.

Apparently, Swift goes way back with the personnel at WYCD, located in Grand Rapids, Mich. In winter 2010, the singer was performing in Michigan during her Fearless tour. At the show, she met with the station staff backstage while hanging out in her enchanted dressing room, known as the Vibe Room, with her mom Andrea Swift nearby.

After a little bit of schmoozing, Swift made a poignant statement to Jason and Kelli, saying, "Next time I see you too, you better be engaged." Well, when T. Swift tells you to do something, you probably should listen, right? She won't steer you wrong.

Fast forward to 2011, when Swift's megawatt Speak Now tour returned to Grand Rapids, Mich. last Thursday, July 28. Friends knew that Jason was mulling a big event: popping the question to Kelli in front of Taylor and Andrea in the Vibe Room -- remember, Taylor did tell them that next time she saw them, they'd better be engaged, and this show just so happened to be the "next time." Jason would not confirm or deny the fact that he was going to ask Kelli to be his wife, but given his nervous demeanor, it seemed like a given.

Swift worked the room and came over to exchange a "hello" with WYCD and Jason, who promptly reached into his pocked and produced a ring. He reminded Swift of her comments from the last time they saw each other, and she promptly instructed him to "get down on your knee." That's just what Jason did, ensuring a proper, romantic and memorable proposal witnessed by the one and only Taylor Swift.

Awww, how sweet! Oh, and Kelli accepted the proposal. Swift should definitely receive an invitation to the nuptials.

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