Fans of Taylor Swift will get to see, err, hear the songstress in a whole different light when 'The Lorax' hits theaters this Friday, March 2. Swift voices the character of Audrey in the Dr. Seuss film, and the 'Story of Us' hitmaker recently sat down with MTV to discuss her role and what it was like recording the voice of the environmentally conscious character.

"It was a completely different space that you go to in your head," Swift said of what it was like recording voice-overs as opposed to recording music. "You're in the studio, which I have done a lot, but it's very different when you're singing songs that you wrote and you're trying to access those emotions you felt when you wrote the song. With this, you're sitting there in a booth by yourself having conversations with no one. No one's there, we all recorded our parts in different places, so you're trying to come up with what the other characters would be saying back to you."

Despite the fact that Swift was initially uncomfortable with the voice-over process, she is a natural and had an easy time pulling it off, especially since she related to her character Audrey so much. "I loved her. She's heavenly. She's such a day dreamer, and she cares so much about the past, which is what makes her different from everyone else in the society that she lives in," Swift said of her 'Lorax' chacter. "To some degree, you have to have a priority based on the past and the future as well as the present, and she cares about the trees that used to exist."

Another plus about voicing Audrey? "I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, and she's obsessed with trees," Swift told MTV. You can hear Swift as the nature-loving Audrey in 'The Lorax' when it hits theaters on March 2. The film also features voice-over work from Zac Efron, Danny Devito and Betty White.

Watch Taylor Swift Talk About Voicing Audrey in 'The Lorax'