Taylor Swift is owning the Australian media right now, specifically women's interest mags. Fresh off her high fashion cover for the Aussie version of Harper's Bazaar, in which she sported a shirt from Kanye West's clothing line, the singer graces the cover of the April 2012 issue of Dolly, a hip and colorful teen mag. Swift is one of the few pop stars who can fearlessly straddle the line between womanly and girly on two very different magazine covers with two utterly opposite readerships.

The cover is bursting with juicy, citrus hues. Swift's signature curls, which she has been blowing out lately after cutting bangs for her Vogue cover, make a comeback and assert themselves in this image. It may have been taken before she got the fringe; perhaps not. Even so, a single, thick spiral falls near her eye, framing it. She's wearing an orange and white cotton top, which looks beachy. It also matches the coral lipstick on her kisser.

The blue tones of the cover text bring out the singer's eyes, as well.

The issue is packed with useful info. You are granted access inside Swift's world. You can learn how to find your dream job. You can tack posters from 'The Hunger Games' to your wall, all the while listening to Swift's 'Safe & Sound' from the film's soundtrack. You can also count down the 25 ways to to attain amazing hair, a subject Swift is well-versed in.

All these factors combined make this issue a "must read" for Aussie teens. Domestic Swift fans can always shell out some cash on an import copy.