As we all know by now (because we’ve watched it approximately one billion times), Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video was a major production. From a solid two weeks' worth of character posters to its epic special effects, the clip obviously required some pretty serious film shoots. Now, Swift has revealed that not only did she perform a few of her own stunts, she also fails at some of them.

After premiering “Bad Blood” at this past weekend’s Billboard Music Awards, Swift posted a behind-the-scenes clip of a stunt attempt to her Instagram. In it, Swift bursts through a wall...and promptly falls flat on her face. Oops! Watch below:

According to the 1989 singer’s caption, if you skip ahead to 1:42 in the final product, you can see how the stunt was actually supposed to go -- and how Swift eventually got it right. She breezes through, breaks the fourth wall by looking dead-on into the camera and fiercely delivers some of the song’s lines. Compare it to the original below:

To top things off, Swift posted another Instagram proving that, after a hard day of falling on her face, she and her group of super-heroine friends console themselves with burgers:

The “Bad Blood” video wasn’t the only thing making the Billboards a huge night for Swift. Homegirl racked up eight awards (consequently giving whomever holds the title for most award speeches in one night a run for his or her money), added Molly Ringwald to her ever-expanding group of BFFs and even fueled rumors when she shared more PDA with her maybe-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

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