The world is watching Taylor Swift, like ALL THE TIME. Between tabloids about BF Conor Kennedy, car crashes, and guesses concerning who the anonymous ex is behind 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' this girl needs some serious down time. So where does Ms. Swift go to decompress?

"I am alone a lot which is good" Taylor admits. "I need that time to just be alone, and after a long day just decompress, and so I go to either my house or the hotel or my apartment, or wherever I am, I go home and I watch TV, and I sit there, with my cat and I watch TV or go online [and] check my emails."

Can you just see Swift in her matching 'WANEGBT' PJs and Moscot glasses, cuddling with her precious kitty Meredith while watching 'Law & Order'?

"It's nice to just light a candle next to your bed," she adds. "...and no one's around." [Laughs]

We totally get it Taylor. Lighting up a Yankee Candle and watching some TV is the key to sanity. Forget the fact that Taylor is a bonafide pop star -- she's just like us!

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