Aww! Taylor Swift admits that she still gets nervous before a big show -- especially Jingle Ball, and especially when she has to beat box.

"It's major butterflies being here," Swift told Z100 DJ J.J. in a backstage interview. "You know, we have all these different artists here, it's an entirely diverse audience and everybody is just so stoked. It's like the event of the year, you know? It's Jingle Ball!"

Swift revealed that LL Cool J put her on the spot when he had her beat box at the 2012 Grammy Nominations concert. "Oh God," she lamented. "He knows I'm awful at it -- but I love hip-hop so much," she gushed. "It's a combination of something you love so much but you're so bad at. It's a tragedy, really." (Could that also describe her love life pre-Harry Styles?) Aw, T-Swizzle, we know! Your life is really hard.

After succumbing to the DJ's request for a bird call, Swift confessed, "The problem is, I'm a major people pleaser. I just want to do what makes people happy all the time."