In a new video taking fans behind the scenes of 'Safe & Sound,' Taylor Swift reveals what scared her during filming and why the usually glowy starlet was dreading sunshine.The clip opens with Swift's forest scenes. Considering she's filming in the dead of winter in a flimsy nightgown, you can imagine she was freezing -- but it was for the good of her art. "It's cold, and I'm wearing this little vintage, 1920s chiffon, silky dress, and the idea of it is supposed to look sort of ghost-like. It's supposed to look ghostly."

"Right now I'm meandering through the forest, and they're getting various angles of that meandering," she said. "In the breaks between, I'm standing by this heater," she smiled. She opened her sweater and pointed out, "As you can see, this dress is not exactly warm. So I have a sweater, I have boots, I have the heater."

It was Swift's idea to walk around barefoot in the cold, "and now I'm kind of kicking myself for suggesting it," she revealed with a laugh.

One thing Swift did like about the shoot was her director. "I've never filmed with Philip Andelman before. It was such a surprise to me how he was so quick," she said. "He'd shoot it one time and be like, 'Moving on!' It's so exciting to be around someone like that, and someone who loves what they do so much."

One reason why Andelman was able to work so quickly is because the conditions were ideal for their shoot. "The weather is absolutely perfect for this shoot because we wanted it to be really cloudy and hazy," she said. "That's the way it looks the most emotional when you're shooting for something really melancholy and sad. I was just praying that the sun wasn't shining today, because it would be harder to portray this emotion."

She was more than a little creeped out when filming the gravestone scenes. "Are we sure there aren't skeletons?" she asks, wide eyed. "... It seems to be open," she said. "I don't know what to read into that, how far to read into that, 'cause Phil's freaking out about the shot, and he's stoked about it," she said, grinning through her fear. "It's creepy and awesome, but seriously," she said, "I'm sitting on a grave."

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