In a career filled with some pretty huge moments already –- and keeping in mind that she's just 23 -- Taylor Swift has declared the best moment of her career so far.

T. Swizzle christened her performance of 'As Tears Goes By' with the Rolling Stones during their 50 & Counting Tour on June 3 as her professional Holy Grail, the gold star on her resume.

Recalling the event, Swift said, "The whole band, they're so welcoming and wonderful and approachable and all the things you would hope your heroes would be."

She also turned into a total fan girl, saying, "It's wonderful getting that phone call. Like, 'Hey, would you like to go and play with the Rolling Stones?' That is a bold, underlined, exclamation point 'Yes'!" No kidding, Tay.

The cute twirl dancing that she and frontman Mick Jagger engaged in while onstage? That was not improv. It was practiced. Sorry if that ruins the moment for T. Swizzle fans.

"[Mick and I] did this twirl in the dressing room when we were rehearsing, because we just started sorta kinda like dancing around the room and frolicking and it was really fun," she recalled. "So we decided to incorporate that into the actual performance. I really wanted to do the twirl -- this one little twirl that we did -- and that was pretty much the best moment ever."

While Swift's vocals felt off and, to borrow a word from reality TV show judges, "pitchy" at points during the live perf, it was still uber memorable. It will live on as one of the greatest moments of a career destined to have many more amazeballs moments.