Who knew that Taylor Swift's two biggest fears involved sea urchins and being framed for murder? The 'Out of the Woods' singer shared that and more while visiting 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' in an episode that is set to air on Monday, Oct. 27.

"If you knew what sea urchins were, you'd be terrified of them," Taylor revealed. "They're like a grenade. They're sitting there waiting to completely injure you … If you're in the Caribbean, and you're like, 'This water's so beautiful, it's amazing.' You're walking, it's clear water, you can't see a sea urchin's right there. And then you step on one, it has barbs and it goes into whatever it touches. And then you have to go into the emergency room and it has to be surgically removed. You could lose your foot, you could lose your hand, you could lose your hand trying to get it off of your foot…"

Though Ellen tried to calm her fears, T. Swift was adamant -- and sea urchins aren't the only thing she's afraid of.

"I'm scared of getting framed," Taylor started. "So many people would frame me. They could frame you for any crime that you could go to jail for. Look at me -- I wouldn't survive in jail!"

The 'Shake It Off' songstress explained that her fear comes from the fact that she is constantly scrutinized by the media -- and sometimes, for things she's never even done.

"But then you take it a step further, in like a nightmare world, and it's being framed for murder," she revealed.

But Taylor Swift didn't just discuss her weaknesses, she also talked about Adam Levine's -- sharing that her 'Voice' co-star is a complete sucker for Broadway show tunes. (Watch her discuss it in the video below!)

And since T. Swift is busy making all the rounds in preparation for the release of '1989,' she also stopped by E! News to deliver some serious truth bombs about her dating life.

"It's not that [I've sworn off dating] as much as I'm just very protective of my happiness," Taylor explained, clarifying reports that say otherwise. "I found a place in my life that feels really great and I'm not willing to compromise that for just anyone, and so, you can paraphrase that all you want into something very extreme, but they make what I say extreme no matter what I say."

"So I'm really happy about the fact that being single doesn't feel like being alone," she continued. "I have love in my life, I just don't have a relationship, and that feels really natural right now."

And in keeping with that theme, Taylor also revealed to Billboard the difference between her 'Red' song 'Mean' and '1989's' 'Shake It Off.'

"Four years ago I put out a song called 'Mean' from the perspective of 'Why are you picking on me? Why can I never do anything right in your eyes?' It was coming from a semi-defeated place," she explained. "Fast-forward a few years and 'Shake It Off' is like, 'You know what? If you're upset and irritated that I'm just being myself, I'm going to be myself more, and I'm having more fun than you so it doesn't matter.'"

Tell 'em, girl!

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