Taylor Swift may often be brokenhearted, but at least she'll never be broke. The country-pop cutie topped the Billboard ‘Music’s Top Money Makers 2012' list yesterday (March 9). How much money did the kitten enthusiast make last year?

Oh, you know -- just a cool $35 million, beating out even tour kings U2 for the top spot. (The Irish rockers came in second with $32 million.) Swift's success is mostly from her latest record, ‘Speak Now,’ and the massive accompanying world tour.

Billboard based the list on U.S. income sources from publishing royalties, tours and album sales, excluding merchandising and sponsorship deals.

Swift grossed more than $88 million just on the U.S. leg of her tour, taking home $30 million of it for herself. In addition, Swift sold 1.8 million records in 2011 -- plus her huge digital sales and songwriting royalties. She works hard for the money!

Other artists in the Top 5 included country singer Kenny Chesney at No.3 with $29 million, Lady Gaga with $25 million and Lil Wayne, who raked in $23 million last year. Somewhat surprisingly, Adele landed at No.10 with $13 million, despite canceling her tour dates to recover from her throat surgery (we guess her massive album sales made up for that!).