Though Taylor Swift turned 22 on Dec. 13, she only just got around to actually celebrating her special day. The country cutie hosted a birthday soiree at her Nashville home this weekend -- where her friends called her a "cat lady!"

Swift laughed off the playful teasing. Her fondness for felines has been well-documented, from her obsession with her cute new kitten Meredith (whom she calls her "roommate") to the stickers on her computer in her office from the 'Ours' video. It's a nickname she may be a little too young for, but it's still well-earned! "She's awesome," Swift gushed about Meredith. "She's like one of those cats that gives cats a good name... She's really friendly and fun."

Us Weekly says that Swift "had a great time and was very happy. She was bouncing around from person to person and laughing about all the cat lady jokes!"

Swift had a star-studded guest list at her fete, including members of Hot Chelle Rae, Paramore and Parachute. That must have been one sweet birthday serenade!

Also sweet? The desserts! While Swift is a baking enthusiast, we don't know if they were homemade, but they sure sounded delicious. A source told Us Weekly that there were "lots of cookies. The gourmet kind." Hey, Taylor -- we want an invite next year!