Taylor Swift said it best: Brooklyn Duo's cover of 'Blank Space' "makes it sound like a song people should walk down the aisle to."

With that in mind, their classical rendition of T. Swift's latest single could totally replace Pachabel's Canon in our book -- it's seriously that gorgeous and romantic.

Performed on just a piano and cello, Brooklyn Duo completely turn 'Blank Space' on its head, transforming it from an '80s-synth pop-like sound to something we can totally see ourselves weeping along to as a bride makes her way to her groom. Of course, the idyllic setting only helps to fuel our fantasy -- we know they recorded it with that vivid sunset in the background just to make us cry.

Check out Brooklyn Duo's cover of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' in the video above. As the music swells, so do our hearts.

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