We didn’t think there was any way we could possibly love Taylor Swift’s new music video for her current single ‘Blank Space,’ but then this Slate parody happened.

They decided to cut up the video and put it back together in the form of a trailer for a horror movie, and it is totally epic. It pretty much portrays Taylor exactly as she portrays herself in the video — as a crazy, jealous girlfriend who ultimately winds up... well... you can probably guess how the story ends.

The video starts off with the lyrics: ‘Boys only want love / If it’s torture’ flashing across the screen, interspersed with the happier moments between Taylor and her boo. Then all hell breaks loose as the words ‘Don’t say she didn’t warn you’ come onscreen.

The visuals of the original music video really lend themselves perfectly to the idea of a horror movie — everything is beautifully dark and eerie. We’re just surprised that scene of Taylor sitting in bed with a knife didn’t get more airtime.

Check out the video posted above! What do you guys think? Would 'Blank Space' make the perfect horror movie or what?

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