YouTuber Shane Dawson recently uploaded a video to his channel parodying the insanely popular 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift. But, according to Dawson, it looks like Sony's team were not huge fans of the video -- and told him to remove it. Dawson then posted a new video on YouTube explaining what happened and why it was taken down.

According to Dawson, he received a cease and desist email from Sony, warning him to remove the video. He says his options were to either delete the video or re-edit the parts that Taylor’s team was not too keen on. Truth be told, we haven’t seen the original video, so we can't comment on it either way. But from what we can gather, it looks like excessive depictions of violence throughout Dawson's parody seem to have sparked the upset, as per his YouTube description that says: "They thought the violence was too much and wanted it down." He posted his video as an attempt to fight back, urging Taylor's team to let him leave the parody up. Warning: There is NSFW language in the video.

This is not the first time Dawson has been embroiled in Internet drama. According to the Washington Post, he came under fire earlier this year for reportedly using blackface in different YouTube videos, as well as partaking in other racist skits and pranks.