Boston College knows how to 'Shake It Off'!

Taylor Swift, who has been tweeting (and obsessing over) fans' very own 'Shake It Off' vids, once again took to Twitter last night (Oct. 16) to share her love for a fan-made video created by Boston College students.

But, as you can tell by the awesomely enthusiastic video, BC's 'Shake It Off' doesn't just involve undergrads -- in fact, everyone from professors to priests are also thrown in, busting out dance moves left and right. And isn't that kind of the point of music? To be able to connect to a wide range of people, no matter the differences amongst them.

Considering Boston College's 'Shake It Off' video has Taylor Swift's approval (and we think it's pretty cool ourselves), check it out in the video above, and peep Taylor's tweet below.

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