Hold up! Before you start freaking out over this one, calm yourself and keep reading.

Just because Andrew Garfield is dating Taylor's good friend and American sweetheart Emma Stone doesn't mean he's off the market for good. In our book, he's still technically a bachelor until he's put a ring on it!

We doubt Taylor would ever go for Garfield if he and Stone -- who are, by the way, absolutely adorable together -- ever parted ways (unlike her song, Taylor ain't 'Mean'). Despite this, we can't help but think what their relationship would've been like if Taylor got to 'The Amazing Spider Man' actor first.

Garfield has an awesome sense of humor and is a nice classy lad who seems to have no problem travelling, unlike Redmayne. And since he's involved with one of Taylor's BFFs, we also can't help but think he'd have the hots for her as well, especially since both Stone and Swift are stunning and have kind-hearted demeanors.

But that's just us! What do you think? Who should Taylor Swift date next? Leave us a comment below.