Taylor Swift's love life is always a major topic of discussion during interviews, and now Sophia Grace and Rosie are getting the inside scoop from the country star herself.

In a new 'Ellen' segment called 'Tea Time With Sophia Grace & Rosie,' the adorable British twosome put down their mics to have a civilized chat with Swift, their latest guest. The girls invite the 22-year-old to dress up as a princess, complete with a pink tutu and tiara, while they all enjoy a spot of tea and some cookies.

Although the girls (including Swift) often talk over each other in the clip, the clear highlight of the segment is when Rosie asks the 'Speak Now' singer if she has a boyfriend. (We have no doubt this was a cue from the often meddlesome Ellen Degeneres.)

At the 3:05 mark, Swift is quick to reply, "I don't ... do you?" Rosie, who is known as the silent shy girl in Sophia Grace's outrageous performances, throws her cookie-free hand up, shakes her head and declares, "I ... I don't have a boyfriend."

"Me neither," Swift commiserates. "That's exactly how I look when people ask me that, too, that terrified look." Sophia Grace also chimes in with an emphatic "no" to boyfriends in general.

A few moments later, though, Rosie confesses that she "used to" have a boyfriend, and while it didn't work out, they're still friends. "That's good that you could do that," Swift says. That's pretty sage advice coming from someone who wrote an album of songs about her exes. Just sayin'.

Watch Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie Featuring Taylor Swift