Given the "day in the life" feel of Taylor Swift's new 'Ours' video, the crew had to hire plenty of extras to bulk up their public shooting locations, like the bus, the office building and the airport.

"We cast a very wide net over Nashville and the surrounding areas," director Declan Whitebloom explains in the latest 'Ours' webisode. "We had about 200 people come in, and then I pick who I liked the look of and then I send them to Taylor, and she says for which role which person she would like to play it."

Taylor and her team settled on especially weird and eclectic co-workers, who Declans says, are "as peculiar as I could find them."

In addition to her love interest, 'Friday Night Lights' famer Zach Gilford, who Taylor asked for by name, the 21-year-old songstress had a few favorite characters while shooting -- like the security guard at the front of her office building. "We have two actors who are absolutely perfect for this first scene. I walk in and the security guard is just sitting there, staring a hole into his desk," she explains. "And then there's a janitor who's got the most amazing smile, and I fist-pound him on the way in and high-five on the way out. It's like he's my one friend there."

With all of the odd-balls around her, in Declan's words, it's "a day that goes from bad to worse for Taylor." And it works.

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