Taylor Swift isn't one to get into cat fights, at least ones with other humans. However, it looks like that's not the case with felines — especially her precious kitty, Meredith. The "Style" singer got into a little scuffle with her pet cat and has one gnarly scratch to prove it.

T. Swift posted the evidence online Saturday night (March 14), and though the scratches don't appear to be deep, they look severe. (In case you forgot what Meredith, the culprit, looks like, see the photo here.)

So all is forgiven, but she couldn't help but caption her photo with this message, "Great work Meredith I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars."

If you're wondering what that $40 million has to do with anything, Taylor's legs are a hot commodity.: The singer reportedly insured for the massive sum, because she is a self-proclaimed klutz. According to the Daily News, Swift “took out the insurance plan because she didn’t want to be at risk of losing everything if she was unable to dance on stage.”

Taylor has since given fans an update on the injury, via a cute bandage photo she posted to Instagram.

Aside from her little injury yesterday, Taylor showed lots of love for her friend and tourmate Este Haim from the band Haim. Not only did she post a cute Instagram video of the three sisters singing Faith Hill's "This Kiss," she also left this sweet message: "Happy Birthday, Este!! Ever since you, Alana, and Danielle adopted me into your wolf pack, life has never been the same."

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