If Taylor Swift ever decides to retire from singing, girl has got a bright future in the creation of memes.

The pop star shared a new photo of her two cats in meme form, and the cuteness is outweighed only by the hilarity. Her new kitten Olivia Benson is in the forefront, looking adorably apprehensive. She can likely sense Taylor’s other Scottish Fold, Meredith, in pounce position right behind her. Meredith looks like she means business. No wonder Olivia is on edge!

The ‘22’ singer captioned the photo: “It’s right behind me… Isn’t it…” Suddenly, a precious photo of her cats turns into a melodramatic and priceless meme.

This isn’t the first time Taylor has found comedic potential in her pets. Last year she shared a pic of Meredith getting oddly cozy on a plane. (It seems like she and Olivia have weird sleeping positions in common.)

Like we said, Taylor could totally make it as a meme generator — and we’d gladly take more funny photos of Olivia and Meredith!

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