Oh snap! Your underpants iz showin', Taylor Swift.

While this isn't really a biggie compared to most of the wardrobe malfunctions on this list, having your skirt fly up in front of an arena packed with people isn't any less embarrassing... Especially when you're a wholesome young lady like Ms. Swift.

It all went down when Taylor Swift was lost in the moment belting out 'You Belong With Me' during a stop on her Speak Now tour. She was strutting her stuff across the windswept stage when her skirt suddenly flew up. The 'Red' songstress reacted quickly, pulling the fabric down almost immediately, but fans still managed to immortalize the moment on YouTube (video below). It was like Marilyn Monroe in 'Seven Year Itch,' but with much more awkwardness.

Poor, Tay. It's a good thing she was wearing Spanx underneath that cute purple dress!

Watch Taylor Swift Suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction on Stage