Taylor Swift could probably buy each of her fans a solid gold guitar for them to cry teardrops on with the profits she reaped from her massively successful 'Speak Now' tour, but she's staying low-key with her gifting this holiday season: She told PEOPLE that she got arts-and-crafty this holiday season.

"This was my first time making snow globes out of mason jars, antique Christmas trinkets and glitter," she said. (All across Williamsburg, hipsters are smashing their homemade antique snow globes in fits of rage, feeling like total sell-outs.) “I found out how to do it on Pinterest. It made for a lovely winter activity day — [it] made me feel like a little kid again.”

That's not to say that she's only gifting those this Christmas — she says she's got a razor-sharp recall for her friends' wants. “I like to get my friends gifts that show that I really know them,” Taylor says. “If one of my friends says something about wanting something, I’ll write it down and get that for them for Christmas.”

And if you're one of Taylor's closest friends, what do you get the girl who has everything? Turns out her wish list is pretty straightforward: She wants a pasta maker, antique picture frames, and "anything from Free People or Anthropologie." Sounds quite doable!

But if you're not in Taylor's inner circle, that doesn't mean she isn't thinking about you. Of her fans, she says, "I hope that they're happy, wherever they are... [that] they feel loved by the people around them ... and most of all I hope they feel appreciated by me. My life would look nothing like this without them."

Excuse us while we dab our eyes and return to our snowglobe-making party.