Taylor Swift had the distinct honor of closing out the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards with 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' -- the longest song title in history -- and we were a little underwhelmed by it all.

In the beginning of her set, the audience found Swift in a makeshift recording booth, so obviously lip syncing the opening lyrics of her latest hit single. Perhaps she's sick of being constantly criticized over her live singing? Or perhaps she was only lip syncing because she was supposed to be in a recording booth...

But no! Swift managed to lip sync the entire somewhat-high energy song, all the while introducing some brand new synchronized choreography with tons of back up dancers behind her. Um, remember when you were considered "country," Taylor?

The performance was perfectly cute and fun ... if you were a 16-year-old girl hitting the stage for her first ever VMAs. But Taylor, who has a record number of live performances, including a number of VMA performances under her belt, really let us down with this one. We expected more from the girl who has won countless awards and has sold millions of records. We're not denying her talent, so we'll just leave it at a disappointment.

And Taylor, don't think we didn't notice that nautical Kennedy look you're wearing.