Taylor Swift's week-long TV media blitz for 'Red' began this morning (Oct. 22) with her interview on 'Good Morning America.' She will be back tomorrow AM to perform, making her the world's best alarm clock. She looked resplendent in a crimson dress paired with matching, matte scarlet lips while promoting the long-awaited 'Red,' which is finally out today!

The hosts gifted her with the first copy of the CD, and when asked which artist would make her run out to the store, in any weather, to buy their new album, she chose Joni Mitchell or James Taylor.

"This is crazy, this is amazing, I am so blown away," she gushed about the legion of Swifties lined up outside the NYC 'GMA' studio. That's love!

In her sit down, she talked about branching out with new songwriters, and why 'Red' is adventurous, since "I explored the edges of what I am allowed to do. [I] explored pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone, which is writing alone." She declared, "It challenged me, in the best way possible."

She revealed how she writes – she grabs the guitar and makes stuff up -- so it was exciting to be 22 and learning new approaches from her heroes and following how they did things, since she invited songwriters she adores to write with her. She learned new ways to pen songs, as a result.

When asked what comes first when she writes a song, the singer shared her elements of the process, saying, "Sometimes it's a fragment of lyric or melody, or a background vocal. It's like getting the first puzzle piece and you have to find out where it fits in the grand scheme of things."

Of course her current love life came up, but she dismissed it on the quick. When asked if she were to pen a tune about her love life right now, would it be happy or sad, she replied, "I don't talk about it. I sing about it. It sounds more poetic and romantic with music around it." Fair 'nuff.

Swift also addressed her massive fame, and how it has changed her. She confessed she has had to learn to minimize her mistakes since she knows her fans are counting on her to do the right thing. What a conscientious superstar America's Sweetheart is! No getting caught commando for this pop starlet.

Other key facts we learned?

Taylor Hanson was Swift's first celeb crush and she loves antiquing. Her go-to comfort food is Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal or PopTarts. Her bucket list includes making the tour in support of 'Red' be worth the time and money her fans spend on it.

Oh, and cats make her smile. Meow.