Could a glorious reunion between Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy be a-brewin'? Some sources think so!

According to Grazia (via Hollywood Life), Taylor Swift has been going through some "crippling lonliness," and is using 18-year-old Conor Kennedy's shoulder to cry on. Single for two months and already crippled by loneliness?  C'mon, Taylor, you're a strong woman, you can get through a silly breakup!

A source explained, "They get on really well, but it was just a fleeting romance. She loves that he listens to her worries and he has been a real crutch. He’s the most down-to-earth person she’s dated." If a member of the Kennedy clan is the most down-to-earth person Taylor's dated, we think it's time she got herself an eHarmony account.

Taylor's relationship with Kennedy could be defined as a summer fling as they only dated from July to September, though sources said they split because Taylor got too serious too quickly for Conor and understandly so... he's still in high school!

Only time will tell whether these two crazy kids get back together!

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